Monday, July 09, 2007

Eat @ Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant

The seaside suburb of Williamstown has long been a meeting place for friends with its range of cafés, restaurants, fish n’ chipperies and boutique stores. The variety in cuisine is vast, spanning from Mexican to Italian to Indian, all with varying degrees of quality. One place that stands out in the quality stakes is Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant (145 Nelson Place, Williamstown Ph: 9397 5303) with its traditional Thai cuisine.

With its simple modern décor, Siam Orchid has become one of busiest and favourite restaurants with locals. And once you’ve tasted the food, you’ll understand what the fuss is all about. As mentioned in another review, Thai cuisine can vary in quality and Siam Orchid finds itself comfortably in the centre.

The banquet is always one of the smarter choices when the a la carte menu proves too tempting to settle on just one dish, which is the case here. For as little as $25 per person, a banquet at Siam Orchid will fill you up and leave you satisfied without feeling bloated or Buddha-like.

From the Thai staples of Chicken Satay Skewers to Curry Puffs to the tried and true Tom Yum Soup to start with, the flavours from the peanuts and herbs or the spice from the chilli burst on your taste buds. And although you could make a meal from the entrées, it’s best to leave room for the main meal, of which there are many.

Curries varying in degrees of heat are on offer as are hearty stir-fry dishes along with noodle dishes which are guaranteed to fill you up on a chilly winter night. Siam Orchid offers an extensive seafood menu as well as a lengthy vegetarian menu ensuring that vegetarians are well catered for.

Siam Orchid offers tasty dishes at very reasonable prices and full of flavour. Wait staff are gentle and patient, a good sign considering this is one the busiest restaurants in Williamstown. And although it may not be the greatest Thai restaurant in Melbourne, it’s definitely one that you will remember and are sure to come back to.

3 of 5


The Stiletto Effect said...

great blog

R*Y A N said...

i've passed by this place whenever i was down in willi - but definitely not going to on my next visit.

seafood curry here i come!

(can you hear my stomach rumble?)

Jane said...

Love this restaurant! Been in there recently and tried their new banana blossom's fantastic and goes well with the old favourites on their menu.

Michael said...

Great review. I'm a regular as well. Love the red curry stir fry.

Anonymous said...

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