Thursday, August 02, 2007

Eat @ Tookaiya

The last time I ate at Tookaiya (314 Keilor Rd, North Essendon Ph: 9374 3099) was some five years ago and I remember that the dishes were filling, authentic and above all, delicious. It’s good to see that some things never change.

Along a strip where Italian and Greek restaurants are dominant, Tookaiya offers a good alternative for a quiet night out in Melbourne’s West. Tookaiya is one of Keilor Rd’s busiest restaurants and even on a weeknight, the place is a hub of eager diners looking for their Japanese fix.

All the staples are on offer here, from a wide selection of sushi, sashimi and nori rolls from the Sushi Bar through to decent-sized mains. The menu is extensive and even the fussiest diner will find something to eat. The entrees and starters are mouth-watering and for those who love Japanese cuisine, it’ll be hard to settle on just one. Gyoza, Miso Soup, Agedashi Tofu (lightly fried tofu), Tempura and Harumaki are just some of what’s on offer and each dish is full of simple, satisfying flavours.

Then if deciding on an entrée was hard enough, the mains are equally as tempting. For seafood lovers, the Kaisen dish with its grilled prawns, calamari and scallops in a garlic sauté is the one to try. While other offerings include Sukiyaki (raw beef hot pot), Tori Don (Teriyaki Chicken) and Unagi Don (Grilled eel) tempt the palate.

Nothing was too dry or too greasy or too fishy, Tookaiya found a harmonious balance in each dish and didn’t overload on trying to be too much all at once. Again, as always, it’s simply deciding on what dish to order without seeming to be a ravenous guts.

Tookaiya is a simple but popular suburban Japanese restaurant. It has the food and praise from locals to back it up. Service is a tad off the mark (we waited 10mins just to get menus) and wait staff tend to always look rushed off their feet, but when they finally come around, they are courteous and friendly. A good weeknight out.

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Sounds good, I guess I need to travel to Melbourne soon hehe ;)