Monday, January 21, 2008

Eat @ Taxi Dining Room

There aren’t many places where you can get amazing views of the city in Melbourne, particularly as there is no harbour like our friends up north. In fact, you could probably count them on one hand. And to get great views alongside amazing food is even more of a challenge.

Taxi Dining Room
is the ultimate in fine dining with the most amazing views in the city and it is worth every single cent. Located above the popular pub Transport in Federation Square, Taxi is a little hard to get to, especially with the drunken bogans and sheilas down in the pub below. Unfortunately, these very people spoil the overall experience but only ever-so slightly.

The concept is modern Australian with a distinct Japanese flavour and the food is flavoursome, creative, mouth-watering and delicately put together by head chef Michael Lambie and his team.

Being in a large group meant exploring a wider range of dishes starting from the entrées which included extremely fresh sushi and sashimi tasting platters, Szechuan duck broth with crispy duck egg & Morton Bay bug dumplings which was deliciously wet and crunchy and creamy Crystal Bay prawn gyoza. The entrées only served to make us want more.

The mains were mixed. The Salt & Pepper Fried Duck with eggplant pickle was filling, crispy and maintained moisture quite well despite having almost no fat, unlike other duck dishes of its type. The Roast rosettes of Lamb with pea puree melted in your mouth while the Roast Port Philip Bay snapper fillet received mixed reviews from others – mainly not being substantial enough.

Taxi is set in an extremely modern surrounding and wait staff are dressed too casually for a venue which boasts fine dining, these two elements combined take the experience down a little. However the service is attentive, informative and pleasant.

Taxi is not for the everyday dining experience and like most other high-end restaurants, comes the price tag which might shock you if you’re not prepared for it. The wine list is extensive and expensive with wine by the glass starting at $12 and bottles going as high as $2200, yet the cocktails list is very tempting and inviting.

Together with the food, attentive service and amazing views, Taxi is one place you must dine at for the experience. Its only fault is being located above a noisy, popular watering hole and its casual environment/attire.

4.5 of 5


Michael... said...

No doubt we'll be back there soon- so many more things I want to try!

P.S- It's good to see the blog back in action... ;o)

Evol Kween said...

Taxi would have to be one of my favourite dining experiences in Melbourne. I've been there a couple of times and it's been sensational on every occasion. Those Roast lamb rosettes? *Homer Simpson gurgles*