Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pass the Parcel

There’s been a few instances of late that I have been told by others I know that I am a complete package. What that exactly means varies between each person who has said this to me, but essentially they regard me as someone who should be in a relationship.

It’s depressing enough that I am single and I think about being with someone at least twice a day if not more, but then to have other people who exacerbate this singledom, is more depressing. You wish that they never opened their mouths to state their claim. But it’s part of nature. I say and do it all the time.

Maybe it’s annoying for me because I can see the qualities I have within myself and don’t understand why a quality man cannot see them as well or maybe it simply lies in the fact that I am not a complete package. The answer lies in the latter. Anyone who says otherwise is just doing their best as a friend to convince me otherwise.

A friend from Milan called me a complete package the other day and I wondered why he could see it, yet others in this narcissistic community of ours cannot. The problem lie within self esteem, I know that much. But also lies within the fact that anyone I take a liking to inevitably becomes a friend, because the window of opportunity is small and passes by quicker than a Japanese bullet train.

As the biggest marketing event of the greeting card and floral industry – Valentine’s Day – approaches, it’s inevitable that the depression of being single will sink in yet again. You try hard to avoid all that crap that they emphasise and push down your throat, but it creeps in somehow. To some degree, it creeps in. Anyone who says it doesn’t is lying. It does.

A close friend suggested we do something for the dreaded day together, primarily because he finds himself single after an intense romance. So I agreed to do something just as romantic, as though we were in a relationship. Although I’m doing for him so that he doesn’t get too upset, I’m doing it for myself too. It’ll be therapeutic somehow… I hope.

But going back, what constitutes a complete package? Of course, it changes from each person and naturally, our list of what we want in someone is complex, specific and almost completely unachievable. But ever the optimist, I think there is bound to be someone or at least a few people that fit the bill.

Maybe that’s why they keep calling me the complete package?


Miss Zoe said...

Nobody is perfect, BUT you will find someone who is the perfect complete package for you and vice versa- thats where the fun is. Enjoy your valentines day!! xx

Evol Kween said...

Although it can be hard to keep reminding yourself, just remember that self worth doesn't come from love, rather love comes out of self worth.

Also, remember that Valentines day is a piece of crap and all those people you see in restaurants etc on Valentines day, well, that's the one day they actually have sex.

RRP said...

So, how did you spend Valentine's Day?

I hope you treated yourself to a relaxing massage and a spot of retail therapy....

...and not have been sitting in the dark, blinds drawn, sipping on a dry martini.

Go on - unwrap yourself! ;)