Monday, December 18, 2006

It's a Family Affair

In the eyes of many a Melburnian, Kylie Minogue can do no wrong. And it was true on Wednesday night at her third Melbourne show for her Showgirl Homecoming Tour.

When a photographer distracted her during her song “Dreams” from her Impossible Princess album, she burst out into laughter, and could not finish the song. The entire arena roared in applause and cheered her on for being real.

The energy of the show was amazing. The production was flawless as was Kylie, even her giggling fit. The woman knows how to put on a show. Upon her finale she chat with the audience for what seemed like a good 15 mins, sang happy birthday to a 47 year old woman, introduced us to both her grandmothers who attended the show and bantered with sister, Dannii, who beamed as equally as brightly as her big sister.

Dannii’s introduction received a riotous roar of applause from the audience, a sure sign that Melbourne is proud of the Minogue sisters regardless of fame. What was turning out to be a family affair, Kylie broke out into singing Sly and the Family Stone’s hit “Family Affair”.

The music started and the Love at First Sight finale bought the show to an end. The evening ended on a buzz and a somewhat sore throat, which I was still paying for on Thursday. But it was worth it.

The tour has since ended and reports that Dannii joined Kylie on stage to sing Kids for the final two shows have surfaced… ahhh what could have been!
Melbourne's favourite showgirl

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R*Y A N said...

yeah but did she wear her "kylie says relax" jacket???

what was your favourite part? i liked the acrobat boy. hmmmm.