Thursday, December 07, 2006

Unleash the Green Beast of Envy

Couples. Singletons want to be in one, Couples want to get out of one. A stark generalisation, true, but the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. There are couples that look good together, couples that look like each other, couples that you wonder why they are even together and then there are couples you love to hate.

Couples you love to hate are ones that you DON'T actually despise, they’re just ones you become extremely jealous of and wish to aspire to despite the fact that you’re a singleton. From an outsiders perspective, they have it all – a good looking partner, great jobs, a zest for life, a busy and riveting social life, killer wardrobe and a enviable love for their partner. They are the Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Brodericks of the world.

I know one such couple that are the sweetest, loveliest people I know. They are so into each other they should
really be used as a marketing tool to promote relationships and monogamy. With their zest of life and passion for the good life, you could be mistaken that they are too perfect to be true. But they are there, in front of you, and they are the sweetest people you know. Damn them.

Being confronted with this picture perfect/good-on-paper couple on a regular basis would make any singleton turn away in disgust and for good reason – we don’t have it and we want it right here, right now.

You might be thinking that I am bitter singleton yearning for such companionship that drives me to unleash the hairy ugly green beast of Envy. And yes, you are right. And wrong. True, such an idea is appealing (I’d be lying if I didn’t say so), it’s rewarding to even know a couple that you love to hate because you are witness to the possibilities of being with someone that you just click with.

Sure, couples you love to hate probably aren’t so perfect when you peer further into it and could very well be riddled with problems and issues. But noone needs to know that… right?

Jealousy is one ugly mole.


R*Y A N said...

ah yes, those picture-perfect, too-good-to-be-true, sweet-as-a-button couple... they truly are sickeningly schmaltzy!

thank gooodness, nick and i are nothing like that. phew!

by the way, for our coming three-months, we've booked a hotel in the city to celebrate. movie at kino, dinner in chinatown, and a late-nite stroll by the river... should be fun!

(yes, shoot me now.)

Marie said...

Yep, we couples do suck with all our 'love'.

However, you singletons suck with your guilt free sizzling hot 'LOVIN'.

Couples get the emotion, singles get the action!!