Thursday, February 15, 2007

La Vida es un Carnivale

Recently I wrote about a girl’s life replicating a Hollywood script, but after having a reflective moment yesterday evening I’ve come to realise that everyone’s life can replicate Hollywood script, just that all the boring bits haven’t been edited out.

In fact, humans thrive more on gossip from what is happening on their block, building or community than what happens in the trash magazines despite what the publishers of such magazines think.

We go on a rollercoaster of emotions within the space of a week or month that is far more interesting that what Stefano did to Summer while he was having an affair with evil stepfather Roman who was backstabbing Kimberly as well as taking over Skye and Jed’s cloning company on that show The Days and Passions of the Bold, Beautiful, Young and Restless in the Guiding Light of OC 90210.

In the last 12 months my circle of friends have had brushes with death, become engaged, lost their license, had multiple relationships in the hope of finding “The One”, come out of the closet, made major investments, broken up with long term/long distance lovers, developed life threatening illnesses, multiple one night stands, gone overseas, broken up with lovers, made new friendships and renovated houses. It sounds like everyday life doesn’t it? That’s because it is and there is probably a whole gamut of events that I have left out.

The emotions and strain on our lives make us wonder – is it worth it or why is it happening to me? But hindsight is a wonderful thing and when we look back, would we have it any other way? Sure, there are things we would change, I am the first to admit that if I had my time over, there are a myriad of things that I would have done long ago. But we make the choices and we have to live by them and these choices give us the gossip that we thrive on.

I guess life is what you make it. And at this stage of my life, there are both aspects which I have come to enjoy but there is a whole lot more which I would change. At this stage, the bad outweighs the good, but waiting for the right moment to come along where opportunity knocks and unleashes the chain reaction that leads to everything falls into place is part of the fun I guess.

Latino song queen Celia Cruz once sang that life is a carnival and I have to agree. Sure it’s not all wild rides, bad food and sweets, dazzling lights and dizzying heights, but it’s an adventure nonetheless.

Now it’s about time I went to find the ticket box for my next wild ride…


Marie said...

Ride it Anth!!!

Unfortunately my life is like a dull Merry-Go-Round at the moment. I'm in a real lazy mode and need to get off my ass and spice things up. I'll keep you tuned.....

R*Y A N said...

i recall a saying i read one time, a while ago, which started me off on my current journey of (s)exploration:

"don't wait for the right moment to do something, do it even when it's not. for when you do decide to do something, ultimately, that is when things become right."

or something like that.

la vida loca, no?