Thursday, March 08, 2007


The last weekend of February signalled the first anniversary of an important milestone in my life. It signalled the end of one chapter of my life and opened up my eyes to new world that I knew little of up to that point.

This particular milestone, introduced me to new friends, reintroduced me to old acquaintances, offered me the chance to dabble in experiences new and foreign to me, has allowed me to experience a side of Melbourne which I hadn’t discovered previously and let me be the true person I am.

These experiences have been both character building and beneficial for me. In retrospect, if this milestone hadn’t occurred, my life would be very different and even this blog wouldn’t exist. I would still have been living the life I had previously and continued to deny myself the opportunity to enjoy life the way I do now. That is not to say that my life back then was not pleasant, because it was.

The anniversary itself passed by quietly and without brouhaha, exactly how I prefer it to be. However, as I pondered on the last twelve months since this particular milestone, I quickly came to the conclusion that there were a lot of things that I hadn’t achieved in those initial (and crucial, I might add) twelve months and with less than a month until my birthday, it doesn’t look like I will achieve them before then either. This triggered me to go on a rollercoaster of emotions and inevitably ended up at Sadness Station.

Did I not dive into my new life with enough gusto? Have I screwed my opportunities royally? Was I not enthusiastic enough or forceful enough to achieve the things I wanted to? My closest friends would think not, if anything, they would say I went in with guns blazing.

In any case, in terms of my new life chapter, the past twelve months have been truly positive. I am thankful that I have met the people I have and even more thankful for establishing friendships with some of the nicest, funniest, witty and kindest people I know. And despite the dramas in other aspects of my life, they, along with my closest friends have been the saving graces.

Time will tell if those things I set out to achieve will happen in the next twelve months or even within the coming weeks, before my birthday. We’ll see…


Anonymous said...

Consider this Saturday night your aniversary party...


Not so Single Guy said...

That's great...congrats!

My-Slant said...

Hey Anthony, just started reading your blog.

Can you do me a favour - log in to blogger, go to the Settings/Site Feed tab, and change 'Blog Posts Feed' to 'Full'.

R*Y A N said...

i hope you had a gay ol' time celebrating.

and did you wear a pointy hat? i think you should have worn a pointy hat. or two.

could have doubled as boobs, you know, like ma-dog-a did.

ok, i shut up now.