Friday, April 13, 2007

The Glamorous Life

Nothing entices the beast of envy to rear its ugly head more than the success of someone else. They achieved something admirable, they have that stunning partner (or are stunning themselves), they have that so-called glamorous life – attending gala events/openings/soirees, killer fashion sense, hot apartment in an even hotter location, it goes on and on. They have it and we want it. Bad.

Sometimes it is someone that we know, which cuts even deeper into our conscious than we care to admit. However, more often than not it is someone who I encounter sets of a chain reaction of jealousy within me that become depressed. I yearn to have their smarts, their sense of style, their looks, their passion but I quickly come to the realization that these things are unique to them, and that same person can be jealous about something I have.

Case in point, when I discovered that I was being envied by one of my nearest and dearest. After meeting new people who quickly became good friends, I began cultivating friendships and spending time with them. Little did I know that while I spent time with these new friends, that the beast of envy was causing unease with other friends. After more than a month of fragile diplomatic-type relations somewhat similar to North and South Korea, a resolution was reached and an understanding was achieved. The need to jealous was fruitless as the friendships I maintained with each person was different and unique. Something I have always maintained.

Recently I encountered someone only can be described as an Adonis-like Greek God. After quickly learning his background, their interests, career and lifestyle, I became insanely jealous. He had the glamorous life. Here was someone was had perfect toned skin, a killer body, was an entrepreneur, owned his own flourishing business in a busy and popular part of the city and appeared to know everyone equally as hot and successful. I quickly became not only obsessed but insanely depressed.

After a while I realized, his life could be just as difficult as the next person. He might realize what he has and works with it well, but there are probably other areas which are just as tough, depressing and sad as the rest of us. Well… that’s what I like to hope anyway.

Jealousy is one of those human emotions that will be around forever and is obviously going to be accentuated when as class (or caste) system is in place in your surroundings. It’s a matter of realizing what your pros are and accentuating the positive. There’s always someone who will look up to you, if you realize that or not.

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My-Slant said...

Anthony - you have taken the words right out of my mouth. I was planning a post in a similar vein but you have beaten me to the punch!

Envy is a such a counter-productive emotion. I always need to keep reminding myself not to continually look at the people in front of me, but to occasionally look at what is behind me as well.