Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Recently I was speaking to a friend who was seriously considering the possibility of seeing a psychic to find answers to some aspects of his life. Encouraged by a friend who claimed the psychic in question was dead accurate, he admitted to me that he was lured by the whole encounter despite feeling sceptical about it all. He wanted to get some answers.

In the past, many of my friends have been to see psychics with mixed results and generally, I have always been a sceptic and one experience in particular left me with no doubt that seeing a psychic was a waste of money and time, to which I’ll come to in a mere moment.

One friend saw a psychic who had a credible track record of accurate readings. This particular woman made claims to his job, his choice of vehicle, his relationships and the one who he’d end up marrying – a skinny blonde who was a good friend. Now while we all guessed who it was in our circle, the reality was, that despite the psychics time line of six months, the claim didn’t come true, despite all the other claims occurring. It was almost two years later when the skinny blonde he’d end up marrying walked into his life, so the psychic proved to be right.

Maybe I was wrong about psychics after all… That was until I got roped in by a friend to see one.

She wanted to find out about work and her love life, eager to find answers after getting out of a long term relationship that saw her move interstate away from family and friends. But she needed emotional support, a back up if you will, which ended up being me. So along we went to see the psychic.

Now I don’t need to tell you that the first sign that said to me ‘Yeah this is a waste of money’ was the fact the psychic was set up in Melbourne’s busiest and largest market, The Queen Victoria Market. The second sign was her makeshift set up. Anyone who thinks that some crushed purple velvet and some star shaped fairy lights and NO crystal ball, is a legitimate psychic set up is sadly away with the fairies.

As the psychic started dealing the tarot cards and reading through their meanings, some of the information was correct, but the clincher came when she turned to me and asked “How long have you two been a couple?” I looked at my friend and turned back to the psychic and responded “We aren’t a couple”. The psychic quickly backtracked and claimed that we seemed to be in love with each other and looked very in tune with each others emotions. It went on and on. I restrained myself from laughing and grabbing my friends hand and demanding her money back. The psychic couldn’t tell I was gay, not very good me thinks. Now, I’m no feather-boa wearing queen who minces and sashays around Commercial Rd with a limp wrist and a lisp, but I’m sure even blind Freddy would at least question my sexuality. Once the psychic completed her reading we walked off and I burst into laughter. Good one lady!

Then and there I knew my scepticism regarding psychics was legitimate. That was until I was watching Temptation with a psychic/tarot reader as a contestant. Needless to say she lost catastrophically, ending on 15 points to the carry-over champs 77 points. It wasn’t until host Ed Phillips made a quip about her tarot reading skills and not being able to see the loss coming that threw me into fits of laughter.

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R*Y A N said...

oooh, that was nasty.

that darn ed phillips is such a bully!

i bet he has a voodoo doll of himself somewhere, pinned with needles in all the wrong places.