Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Paris, Je T’Aime

What is it about French cinema that makes you feel such a gamut of emotions, leaving you satisfied long after you have left the theatre or switched off the television? Is it the romanticism? Is it the endearing characters? Is it the witty repartee? Or is it the cinematography of what is arguably one of the most romantic countries (and cities) in the world?

Certainly the recent French Film festival has helped trigger my emotional attachments to Paris. The cinematic selection was, as always, superb with France’s biggest stars including Gerard Depardieu, Cecile de France, Alain Chabat, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Romain Duris, Daniel Auteuil and Audrey Tautou accentuating everything extraordinary that is France.

After watching the delightful Prête moi ta main with Alain Chabat and the beautiful Charlotte Gainsbourg, even after the woes and dramas the leading protagonists endure, the finale injects one final rush of romanticism leaving you wanting to book a ticket for the next flight to Paris.

Being swept up into the notion of an everlasting love with a charming Frenchman in an apartment in the 4th arrondissement Paris overlooking the River Seine, eating croissants and marmalade for petit déjeuner, baguettes with jambon et le fromage for déjeuner and canard et pommes frites for le dîner, throw in some steamy passionate love-making, a zippy Vespa and a miniature French poodle (or equally as chic breed) and most of us are certainly wishing we were there amongst the thick of Parisian life.

I often have mini flashbacks to my time in Paris, eating baguettes in the carefully manicured gardens, riding the Métro (and jumping off while still moving), eating duck every night and appreciating its classic architecture. The concept of living in Paris, with the aforementioned scenario is extremely appealing and certainly not out of the realms of possibility.

Take Tina Arena for instance, who fled Melbourne for London and somehow made her way to France where she has become a huge star, met an extremely dashing Frenchman and has since started a family. Tina, I am devilishly jealous of you!

The film Amelie, starring Audrey Tautou is to blame for my love affair with France. It’s clever cinematography, charming storyline, charismatic characters and its final sequence is everything that makes living in Paris so appealing.

French cinema will continue to entice, romanticise and excite audiences across the globe as will my love affair with all things French. Paris, je t'aime et moi ne le veulent pas aucune autre manière.

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