Monday, July 23, 2007

Street Meet

There are people who just seem to know everyone and no matter where they are, what time it is and who they are with, they will run into someone they know and inevitably end up having a good little chat with them. I know a few of these said people and I always think how I never seem to run into anyone out of the blue… unless it’s someone I don’t want to run into.

Lately I have run into or seen people I know, but don’t necessarily want to talk to and nothing is worse when each party has seen each other and you avoid each other like the plague. It’s uncomfortable, awkward and you feel a tad rude for ignoring, even if you are usually a big bitch.

I have seen the same two guys that I once worked with over and over again recently and it seems no matter where I go, one of them is there. It’s almost as if they are an undercover detective keeping tabs on me and reporting back my seedy goings-on to my lover. Alas they aren’t, although it does feel very ‘enemy of the state’. But the thing is, I never really got along with them as I did with other people I worked with at the same place, so we avoid each other.

Whether it’s been along Collins St at lunch hour, at a community theatre, the local take-away store, the local mall or even a regular café haunt, I see these guys all the time. And it will only be a matter of time until one of us says something. The latest sighting was at the local Nando’s store where one guy walked in with his two very cute friends. Although I wanted to gaze at the friends, I quickly turned away and scrambled off to me table.

Do you strike up conversation even though you never really had a rapport with these people in the past? Or you ignore and continue on your merry way? I’ve pondered this previously and although the circumstances were slightly different, I think well if they ain’t gonna acknowledge me, then I won’t them.

So why is it that you run into the same people? And not people you want to talk to or other people you know from your present or your past? If they live in your area, that explains a lot. But if others you are acquainted with live in the same area, how come you don’t see them? And why is it that those who know everyone and cannot go anywhere without running into anyone, run into people they will actually speak to? I guess it’s one of life’s little curiosities.


R*Y A N said...

someone far more philosophical would probably say that the reason for said unwanted run-ins is to learn a lesson or to pass on a needed message.

me, i think it's just terrible luck, not to mention absolutely awkward. mayhap invest in a nice pair of googly glasses and a big floppy hat?

all the same, it must be the current theme.

Miss Zoe said...

Personally, I judge whether or not to speak to/ignore these people on how nice they have been to me in the past. If someone has always been nasty or bitchy towards me I will happily and smugly ignore them in the street, but if they have always been nice I will (sometimes grudgingly I admit!) say hello and chat for 5 mins. Not always fun, but it cant hurt i guess...

spacedangel said...

The trick is to pretend you're in a rush.

"Hey, hi, how are you, I'd love to chat but can't sooo busy, bye".

Or if you're stuck and can't escape, being busy with your phone is always a good one.

Chris said...

I always assume people don't remember me, so I'm cautious about going up to them--yet, whenever I do, they remember me!

I love that connection with someone—particularly when I'm alone somewhere and I run into an old acquaintance, or someone I’ve met at a party (or even a distant trick)—I don’t feel so alone in the big city.

Evol Kween said...

It's a tough one. But I'm boring - so I tend to give a polite hello whether I want to speak someone or not. Wish I could be a cold hearted beatch.

Michael... said...

I like the walk and wave... just keep moving.

D.U.P said...

If it happens again, just start eating your Nando’s really fast making a huge mess on your face. Looking like the Williamstown Bum (a local landmark) no one would look at you, let alone say hi!