Friday, August 17, 2007

Sugar, Sugar. Money, Money.

Everyone secretly wants one whether they care to admit it or not. The idea of being doted upon by a well-to-do older gentleman, better known as a sugar daddy, is something we all entertain the idea of but very few of us ever obtain.

Having a sugar daddy has been highlighted a number of times in many a television show or film – Will from Will & Grace meets a generous older art lover, Sex and the City’s Samantha gets showered with expensive jewellery until she sees his saggy butt, Queer As Folk’s Emmett gets spoilt by his older lover until he croaks while they are joining the mile high club. It goes on, sometimes to the point of life imitating art – see Anna Nicole Smith and oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall.

But think about it for a moment. Imagine being showered with gifts, the prospect of travel, dining at the finest restaurants and attending the glitziest soirées all for a little slap and tickle. As Samantha says to her appalled girlfriends “All cats look the same in the dark”. Ewwww. Reverse that.

But if you entertain the thought for a moment, you too could be living the glamorous life, just remember that not every sugar daddy qualifies for a Seniors Card. Think about those sucked and tucked peroxide blond, tan-in-a-can bitches that strut down Melbourne’s Chapel St, Sydney’s Castlereagh St, New York’s 5th Avenue or Paris’ Boulevard Haussmann with their well-to-do hot boyfriends. Damn lucky sluts.

One friend was offered a seemingly chance of a lifetime when a cute 30-something dotcom millionaire from Boston. After spending the night dirty dancing with each other and some hot and heavy petting in a Boston bar, the millionaire offered him the chance to come down every second weekend (or was it every weekend?) to spend time with him and essentially become his boyfriend. All expenses paid.

What more could one ask for? Hot sex with a hot millionaire who wanted to spoil him every weekend. He refused. He had his reasons and after much discussion, I finally understood why he felt that it was wrong to dupe someone like that. I respect him for his decision. And although I would have jumped at the chance in a heartbeat, it was reassuring to know that there were people who didn’t think immediately like me.

Essentially it comes down to loving the person. I guess the lure of all those gifts and adornment would be enticing for most of us, but if there is no love there (whether it is there immediately or it grows as time goes on) then a sugar daddy is only sweet until the sweetness dissolves.


R*Y A N said...

the difference between being a toyboy and being a trick is a fine line, and even then, that line is easily blurred. it all comes down to having respect for yourself and the other person.

how much can you stand being with someone just for the material things?

not for long, if at all.

but then again, a boy could always use more shoes!

Single Guy said...

I think if you have a suggar daddy you end up paying for it...somehow

spacedangel said...

I have friends who often say, "I want a sugar daddy" or "My husband is going to be rich". My mother told me, "Marry a rich man. Being poor is terribly boring."

I can only laugh and shake my head at such comments. Sure having, 'nice things' and being spoilt to within an inch of your life is a somewhat appealing idea but I just wouldn't be able to do it.

I guess I have too much pride and hate the feeling of 'owing' anyone anything. I'd get much more satisfaction of buying things that I'd paid for with my own money.

But you know, to each their own. I still watch enviously as women breeze into work and buy designer handbags and shoes with their husband's money. Sigh.

Michael... said...

A sugar daddy would have been really helpful yesterday.

My credit card has practically melted.

I blame you Anthony.

Alfred said...

Like your comment Michael - only because I would have loved to have a credit card of my sugar daddy when I was shopping over the weekend