Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Summer Is Magic

Can you feel it? It’s about to burst with an exuberance filled colour, sunshine and warmth. Summer in Australia. It’s edging closer and for most of Australians, it can’t come soon enough. And although technically it is still winter, it may as well be December.

It’s the anticipation of hot days lying on the golden beaches, eating icy poles melting quicker than you can eat them, cruising the buff boys walking around shirtless, the sun glistening, eating fish and chips on the beach and warm nights strolling along with your friends soaking up the atmosphere.

The last few days in Melbourne have been marvelously golden and summer is there, taunting us, making our mouths water knowing we can’t have it - yet. For me personally, I can’t wait until all the outdoor events begin. From the Moonlight Cinemas to the Zoo Twilights right through to Midsumma next year, there’ll be an endless array of things to see and do in the warmer months that I’ll be dragging my friends to experience with me. Of those friends reading, you’ve been forewarned - Anthony’s got the cashola, and he’s taking you along for the ride.

But as we settle in for another summer, so too do we prepare for the scorching days of 45°C in multiple succession, of sitting in traffic in the sweltering heat, of sleepless nights, of power shortages due to exceeding demands and of crowds. I guess something’s got to give for us Aussies enjoying the endless sunshine and having the chance to gaze at the hotties walking along the beach or street.

For me personally, I would love to be sipping chilled Mojitos on a deckchair overlooking Port Melbourne or St Kilda beach from an apartment balcony with the sultry mellow Brazilian sounds of Bebel Gilberto as the sun sets on a 30-something degree day watching the people below me go by. But chances are, I’ll be sweltering like a bush pig, up against other sweaty office workers on the train on a 40-something degree day stuck somewhere between North Melbourne and Kensington stations waiting for the country trains to pass by.

I like my other reality better… all I have to do is find that ever elusive sexy, amazing, loving boyfriend who just so happens to be stocked with Bacardi and has an apartment in the prime real estate strip of St Kilda’s Esplanade. Hmmm… that’s going to be tougher than I think…


deggie said...

I hear you boy!!

Bri said...

Bring it on.


PS Great pic

R*Y A N said...

rooftop cinema... yay!

i'll miss the start of summer but definitely be here by the tail end. you and i will have plenty of (hot and sweaty) partying to catch up on.

D.U.P said...

Will you be needing a butler in this dream pad of yours???

Evol Kween said...

How weird was it that on Friday, after days of warm weather, it suddenly got fucking cold and windy again! Sheesh, and wnow, Saturday, it's back to freaking glorious!