Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Eat @ Breizoz French Crêperies

Crepes are one of the best things to come out of France, besides the French National Rugby team, fine cuisine and fashion couture, and unlike those I just mentioned, they are the perfect parcel-sized bundle of goodness without the price.

Breizoz French Crêperies (139 Nelson Place, Williamstown Ph: 9397 2300) is the perfect place to indulge in a little bit of Brittany while enjoying the atmosphere of the seaside surroundings of Williamstown in Melbourne’s south-west. With a full range of savoury and sweet temptations to water your palate, the best thing is being able to sample more than one thanks to the cheap prices!

Les Galettes (savoury) dishes range from the simple Ham through to the traditional Ratatouille, Provençale, Boudin Noir and Merguez and Tomate while Les Crêpes (sweet) menu offers such sweet delights including Chocolat, Almond Praline and Banane. For those who like a bit of zing in their meals, Les Crêpes Flambées are the fiery ones to go for.

The crepes are made fairly quickly and it’s best to eat them nice and hot. The wait staff recommends washing down the crepes with some French cider, but I think it detracts from the overall goodness of the crepe itself, especially those sweet tasty ones.

Service is prompt and perhaps a little cheeky if you encounter the owner, which may be construed as rude, but is not meant to be. As mentioned, the prices are cheap which lets you either stick to a budget (and not your diet) or go for more – which is definitely the way to go.

There is a sister Breizoz café in Fitzroy (Cnr. Gertrude & Brunswick St, Fitzroy Ph: 9415 7588) but if it is atmosphere on a warm sunny afternoon you are after, then the Williamstown café is the place to be. C’est bon!

2.5 of 5


Miss Zoe said...

oh man I love crepes with a fiery, burning passion. I am visiting that Gertrude St one asap.... ooh we should have our picnic there! (then it wouldnt be a picnic, but it would probably be better food than I could be bothered bringing to a real picnic anyway hehehe)

Sarah said...


I went to the Williamstown one last week! I had goat's cheese and ham and a glass of cider. Very yummy.

Strangely enough, the crepes came out super fast, but the drinks didn't come out until we were halfway through our crepes. The coffee they made was god-awful, lol. Probably best to stick to the crepes!

xox Sarah

Canberrabiker said...

Thanks for this. Look YUM ! I might just try them out when I'm down in Melbourne in a few weeks.

r*yan said...

You had me at "crepes".