Saturday, November 17, 2007

In Nightmares No One Can Hear You Scream

I’ve always managed to keep my work life and my personal life separate with a degree of success. Never letting on too much about myself to the people at work and avoiding going out too much with work related functions, particularly with people who I would consider just work colleagues.

Come the end of the work day, I walk out those doors I leave my work brain behind and don’t think of it until I walk back in through those doors the next day. It might sound like wishful thinking but I manage to succeed to a degree.

But you can’t help your subconscious and the mind of its own… literally! You would call them dreams usually as the collective noun, but I much prefer the term nightmare. You see, I have been dreaming about work and things/tasks/events related to work to a degree that it is downright horrifying. I’d say so damned horrifying that it’s on par with Freddie Kruger slashing me apart.

In these nightmares, you can’t escape unless you wake from your slumber. But I know if I do, then it’ll be tough to get back to sleep and even tougher not to even think about work and the nightmare when I am awake. It’s tricky.

So why do we get sucked back into the thought of work even in our dreams? It’s not a good thing if you ask me. To be thinking about work in your dreams is slightly disturbing and not good for the mind or body or the soul for that matter.

So how do you avoid thinking about work, especially in your dreams? I think my currently nightmares stem from the fact that I do not have something else to focus on such as a hobby or a boyfriend. I think that if there was something else for me to focus on then such nightmarish happens wouldn’t be happening… or at least they would be curbed to an extent.

So what do I focus on? How do I separate the realness of work and the dreams of work colliding together into a nightmare that not even Sigourney Weaver can save me from before it bursts out of my chest? And how come my dreams aren’t full of naked muscle men in a hot steamy romp? Damned dreams!


RRP said...

bit of tangent but...

if ever caught by the boss with your head down sleeping at the desk, mumble "christ jesus, amen" for a quick savvy cover.

but yes, nightmares about work are uber terrifying, especially when the photocopier monsters comes after you!

Watermelon said...

Ah, poor you. I'd freak out too if work was becoming this insidious presence slowly invading my psyche.

Maybe you need someone to come home to whose arms just melt away all the cares in the world. . .One can only dream. . . .