Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Over at Ricky Martinville…

For those playing at home, you may recall that I encountered a work colleague at a gay bar in Melbourne’s gay south side village with results that would fit well within the screenplay of a sitcom.

It was expected that there would be some awkwardness between the two of us, neither of us wanting to draw unnecessary attention to our sexuality in a predominately male chauvinist work environment. And my expectations of what was to occur that following Monday morning played out to a tea.

The odd thing was that despite the fact we barely spoke to each other prior to seeing the other out at the said gay bar, for weeks following, neither of us actually encountered each other within the office at all. It was all very odd. How could have not run into each other you say? Easy, it just seemed that the timing was off.

But about two weeks ago, about a month or so after it all happened, something changed. We needed to become involved with each other due to an event I was organizing. He was dealing with clients and he had to follow my directive. So as we worked together during the course of the two day event, I allowed my character to come out (no pun intended).

So jokes were shared, general conversation was created. He seemed comfortable with me and me with him. Now we say the usual hello and goodbye but on occasion it goes beyond the pleasantries to general chit chat. Nothing has ever been said about our sexuality, and nothing needs to be said. It’s not the time or place and there is really no need raise it.

I don’t expect a full blown friendship. But at least that weirdness has gone. I guess it’s all part and parcel of being at a new workplace which is continuously expanding and trying to find your place within it.

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Evol Kween said...

Work can be so weird. I worked two jobs for a number of years, and even though I was 'out' to all my friends and family etc, I never came out at my second job. What's weirder is that I would bump into one of the guys I worked with at my second job at various gay events/venues and yet we never talked about it at work. the environment wasn't fit for coming out. I don't know what I'm getting at here - mainly that work places are weird social environments!