Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shiny, Sparkly, Shimmering

It’s funny how things you initially love and think is the greatest thing since sliced bread soon becomes stale, tired and yesterday’s news. As humans it seems we need to be entertained to a certain degree to make sure we still show interest in something.

Case in point with my enthusiastic entrance into the world of gay clubs and bars. Although initially I was drawn to the “thumpa-thumpa” of the music and the well manicured (or scruffy) men around, soon after I became bored of it all and wanted something more. I became bored of going to the same places and hearing the same music and not seeing what else was on offer. The shine wore off.

Then came along a monthly night which I loved instantly with its different crowd, great eclectic mix of music and New York underground club surroundings – I was hooked! I couldn’t wait to get to the next one.

But it was only a week or two ago when I realized that I was over it and I now need something new to entertain me. Or was it that I was just not feeling it that night and I was not in the mood? I can’t be too sure. I’ll have to see what happens the next time I go… If I go that is.

So what do you do when the initial shiny glimmer of a new whatever starts to inevitably wear off? Do you continue to get involved with it or do you move onto something that entertains you in the way you are wanting?

And if so, does the response you take for those things reflect on how you will react and respond with relationships? Are you willing to give it your all and go for the long haul or resign yourself to the fact that it can’t or won’t change?

I’m not sure if I react the same way for such situations or whether I process them with the individual respect they need. I actually think I’m in the latter camp. One thing is for sure, I’ll try that one night only bar again and decide whether it’s worth it again.


Evol Kween said...

Everything in moderation!

RRP said...

S'long as you give it another go... and another... and another. ;)