Saturday, January 06, 2007


There is much that can be said of celebrating New Years Eve in another city other than your own. Having just come back to Australia after a whirlwind visit of the Hawaiian Islands to welcome in 2007, I can honestly say that there’s probably no better way than being in the last city in the world to welcome a new year, on the beach, surrounded by thousands of people from across the globe on a hot sultry night in Honolulu other than perhaps being in Times Square as the ball drops in New York City.

My Canadian contingent and I strolled along the beach to walk off a big late lunch/early dinner before we retired briefly in their hotel room to refresh and prepare ourselves for midnight. Sitting on the balcony I was chatting with my friends about things when there he was… a naked man walking out of the shower with his towel barely hanging from his hand. We stared in shock and admiration… the guy had a great body and a love muscle that would have made anyone gag. He towelled off and proceeding to go commando as he dressed.

Within moments his girlfriend came around, her mosquito bite boobs casually swaying. The three of us sat there… we’d become voyeurs and we loved it. It was the beginning of an interesting night! Who knew that watching other people in their hotel rooms could potentially be a great basis for a soapie!

But Honolulu had a myriad of enticing things for a single man and a married couple including the perfect summer days (during winter), crystal clear waters, beautiful men, well endowed women, whales in Speedos and Germans who thought wearing a size 8 bikini on their size 16 body on Waikiki beach was acceptable.

We oogled George (a 40-something man who had the most incredible body and features we’d ever seen who could be classified as George Clooney aka a classic), we floated on our blow up lounges on the water for hours on end, stuffed ourselves on cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory, spent way too much money at Ala Moana Centre, established nice golden tans and weaved our way up and down Kalakaua Ave (Waikiki’s main drag) amongst the hundreds of tourists from Japan, Korea, mainland USA, Australia and who knows where else.

As the fireworks started to explode in front of us, it signalled the end of 2006. A year of tremendous growth and change for me but also reminded me of how much I wanted to achieve that year but never did. Hopefully 2007 brings these opportunities around sooner rather than later. I hope everyone had a fantastic new year and we all gain the most out of 2007.


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R*Y A N said...

welcome back, antones!

glad to hear you had a fab time in sunny hawaii.

let's catch up soon. for the life of me, can't remember your hotmail addy (didn't save it, sorry) so you'll have to send me an email.

yes, i can be such a pain. ;P