Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Trust a Try

How far can you trust your colleagues? Some would think that those you are closest with you could trust with your life while others you steer clear from and don’t associate with them under any circumstances. Like relationships and friendships, it varies between each individual. Case in point with my friend Chris who found out the hard way that his workplace was no longer a place where he could trust people.

After being caught doing 180km/h on the Calder Freeway a few months back, Chris lost his license much to the detriment of his career where his car was his business. Ever since, he has had to rely on the good nature of his girlfriend, work friends, work colleagues, his parents and public transport to meet his clients and get his work done.

Recently, while on his way to the shops with his girlfriend he noticed a silver Ford sitting idle on front of his house, which began to follow him as they made their way to the shops. Within days, he noticed the very same car sit in front of his home, his girlfriend’s home, his office, at his client’s properties and in the rear view mirror whenever he was in the car. But at no time was he ever driving. The car followed him the way a mob boss gets his henchmen to carry out a hit on you.

The mystery vehicle became such a regular occurrence for Chris that in the end whenever he walked past the silver vehicle, he’d wave to the man in the car who clearly didn’t know how to avoid attracting attention.
At one point, Chris walked out of his girlfriend’s house to his car where he was about to step into the passenger side when the silver vehicle started its siren and flashing lights. It was an unmarked police car.

After a brief discussion with the police officer, Chris was informed that someone had called the Flemington Police Station and told them that Chris had been driving without his license. The officer commended Chris for not driving and told him that the trace on him was going to be dropped. Unfortunately the officer couldn’t tell Chris who called the police to dob him in. It had been an anonymous call.

But the precise times of the police car being at his appointments and tracking him during his work hours led Chris to eliminate the possibility of the “dobber” being one of his friends. It had to be someone from work. He slowly eliminated colleagues until he short-listed three people who potentially would have rung the police.

Suffice to say these three have since earned his wrath for trying to cause greater issues than are necessary at work. But it’s a lesson to be learned, be on guard at all times even in a quiet real estate office in the suburbs…


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha i loved it.

R*Y A N said...


goes to show, the prettiest people often get picked on.

it's hard being us.