Tuesday, February 06, 2007

To Embellish

How many people, that you know, like to tweak their version of the truth to the point that it barely resembles the truth and reads more like a screenplay for a Hollywood romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan? It’s not uncommon for people to tweak their stories to make it sound better or get to the point of the story across quicker, but when you encounter someone who lives to tell how glamorous their life apparently is, you have to stop and wonder – where does the truth end and the embellishments begin?

One girl I know lives to tell her stories of schmoozing with the C-grade celebrities of Melbourne to anyone who listen. So desperate to climb her way into the social pages of the newspaper, she attached herself to a forgotten former reality TV show ‘celebrity’. Despite this, we are yet to actually see her in any of those social pages.

From the moment she mentioned that she was dating him, we were convinced he was a figment of her imagination. Surely they could not be dating, but after months of speculation he became a reality. Since their “whirlwind” romance began, they were living the high life, apparently, going to the Logies, buying properties in Brighton, buying Porsches for the week and Ferraris for the weekend, moving to the United Arab Emirates and constantly partying across Melbourne with fellow celebrities and their partners.

The stories kept getting bigger and more absurd each time and the truth behind each story really had to be questioned. But in the end, the stories eventually did become part of a Hollywood script, as we’d found out that she was almost sold as a sex slave for a harem in Oman and almost force onto a plane to Muscat, Oman. All this occurred while she helped her reality TV star celebrity settle into Dubai.

The recount of her stories from each person she knew continuously became more contrived and crafted and the truth became a blurred concoction of alternating realities. No-one knew exactly what story was the right story for any of her many stories! In the end, a group of us decided to feed the ego and sit back and enjoy the entertainment that was being provided.

To this day, apparent houses in Brighton are still on the cards, despite “just missing out by a $1million” and although the Ferrari order had to be cancelled because her TV star boyfriend “just didn’t want to wait for two years” they are still deliriously in love and are apparently getting married…
… it’s just that no-one has seen the ring and nothing has been mentioned to her loving parents. But it’s still happening!

Ah poor girl, still clutching onto hope until the bitter end.


FEMBOTanist said...

You're talking about Melissa Dunn, right?


Anonymous said...

One more juicy piece of gossip!
I was at this persons house last week for her birthday.

Although she claims that she can ONLY wear Gucci, Chanel and Dior originals, i saw her aunty (who had just come back from Thailand) give her a cheap rip off of a Chanel bag. Ahem.....

R*Y A N said...

LMAO - she sounds like she should live in "la la land".

funny as always, ant.