Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Now Boarding

The bug has bitten me yet again and the itch is starting to cause a rash that is proving irresistible to shake. The urge to travel has crept up on me and it will only be a matter of time until I’m off to see more of the world.

It all started last week when a guy I know came back to Melbourne to visit friends and family for Easter after spending more than a year working in Milan. The stories of beachside parties, outdoor nightclubs, beautiful people, amazing sites, skiing on the Alps, fine dining, inter-European travel and the idyllic Italian ‘dolce vita’ proved too enticing to resist.

The itch had well and truly started and only started to get increasingly persistent once a very close friend and I started to organise our own trip together. And if things couldn’t have gotten worse, the accounts of recent travels by friends across Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Peru only helped intensify my urge to grab my passport again and see the world.

So where to go? The choices really are endless. But there is significant pull for me to get back to Italy and see relatives and much more of the country so much so that I have been quoting prices for airfares, referencing train schedules, reading up on sites within Sicily and checking accommodation options. But then there is Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, France, Morocco, Egypt and Spain.

Mind you, I have already had an overseas holiday recently which beckoned me to try for a life of endlessly lounging on the beach and shopping in designer stores on an island with palm trees and endless sunshine.

The itch is getting worse. And the idea of travelling is too tempting for me. I have itchy feet and it will never go away. I love seeing the world, experiences new cultures, trying new things, seeing new places and revisiting old ones and understanding how other people live.

I may have to go see my doctor (aka my travel agent) pretty quickly. The rash that the bug has given is proving too hard to fix!


FEMBOTanist said...

Dont' forget to avoid the night train from Paris to Milan under all circumstances.

"Apri la porta! Chuidi la finestra!!!"

Michael... said...

lol @ token italian from fembotanist...

They are the only two italian phrases I know, I bring much shame upon my family.

P.S- I also feel the strong desire to get out of the country, but my credit card has other ideas.

R*Y A N said...

you know, i'm pretty sure there's a cream for that itch.

and ditto with michael - i'd be so out of and away from this country if only my plastics aren't on their last legs... sigh.

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