Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sense and Sensibility

Follow your heart - Your intuition. It will lead you in the right direction” sang folk songwriter Jewel.
Listen to your heart when it’s calling to you” sang Roxette.

But when it comes to following your instincts and acting upon what your senses are telling you, is it really wise to heed your intuitive advice? Usually your gut instinct is the right answer to many conundrums or problems that we encounter throughout the course of our lives.

But sometimes, following your gut instinct can lead to the realisation that you were further from the reality than you cared to admit. It can prove disappointing, depressing or even great, particularly if you are initially in a negative mind frame. The constant battle between head and heart can be one of the greatest battles a human being can encounter. So which ‘advice’ do you take? One of logic and sensibility of the mind or the emotionally charged one of the heart? It’s tough but sometimes you just need to learn from life experience.

A good friend is rocking between a relationship that has become on-again, off-again and recognises that the constant battle between head and heart is causing unnecessary strain on their emotions. The battle within themself will continue and no advice from any friend or family member will help achieve a resolution to their situation.

While another realised that sensations and encouragement from close friends is not necessarily conductive to realising their wants and desires. Gut instinct told them that there was a strong possibility for romance with one who they’d been infatuated with over a lengthy period of time. But it wasn’t to be when their gut instincts were much further from the reality. The admiration was not reciprocal.

The battle between head and heart is one that will continue in mankind and really boils down to being part of the journey of life, which sounds like a croc, but when you think about it… isn’t everything we do part of the grander scheme of life? I’d be inclined to think so.

So what do you do? If you have a sense or feeling about something, do you act on it? If so, do you approach with trepidation or with gusto? But if you decide to let things slide and continue on their so-called merry way, then are you missing out on what could potentially be?

One friend of mine, an eternal optimist, would say not to let your pride get in the way and always remember that there is always another opportunity in the future for the result you want. And that is probably the best way to think. Keep your options open and maybe, just maybe, your intuition will lead you in the right direction.

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R*Y A N said...

intitution will always lead one in the right direction, even if the result isn't the ideal outcome one would have expected.

the issue often is one's willingness to follow said intuition.

remember, the mind thinks and churns logic. the body just feels instinctively.