Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tag! You’re it!

Thanks to talented scribe Richard Watts, I’ve been tagged for what bloggers call a ‘meme’. Essentially what it involves is revealing eight facts about yourself and tagging eight other bloggers to do the same. The tough bit is deciding which facts to tell!

I cannot whistle to save myself. Despite my best efforts to learn the whistle technique, it seems I am one of those unco people who cannot whistle. Sure, I can make ridiculous robotic sounds with my tongue and lips, but I simply cannot blow. Hehe.

I am currently struggling through British actor, Rupert Everett’s autobiography which although containing semi-glamorous Hollywood-esque stories and gritty stories of gay life in London, is still dull, sporadic and a chronological headfuck.

Still on books, I always have at least six books on ‘backlog’ that I am yet to read. Mind you, when I finish one book, chances are there’ll be another three I’ll see that will be added to the pile somehow.

I have an intense dislike for legumes be they peas, beans, chickpeas or lentils, despite the fact I still eat them. Mainly they’re eaten by force – you don’t have much choice when you’re strapped into a chair with a gun to your head.

Still on legumes, despite my dislike for them, I surprisingly love Yellow Lupin Seeds aka lupini. It must be the wog factor.

I was legally blind when I was four. Long story there.

Interestingly, I only need glasses for reading nowadays. And even then I don’t need them all that often.

I’ve had four pet dogs since I was born, two of which have been Maltese Terriers.

Now I tag Evol Kween, Fembotanist, River Tales, Love In Melbourne, DUP, R*yan, Sarah Cooks and Single In The City to share their randomness!

Oh, for those playing at home in relation to my last post ‘Chance Encounters of the Gay Kind’ – nothing has been said yet… not unusual!


Holly Bernice Cox said...

You find Rupert's auto-bio. boring ...are you kidding !!! Jeez how exciting is your life , how do you stay awake ? He has a very British sense of humour maybe that is it ? I am only 17 and it's my all time favourite book .

Miss Zoe said...

You tagged us! awwww, we are thrilled. This is easily going to fill in the morning at work! Thanks love!

AdamMac said...

I kinda feel a little bit let down, seeing that nothing happened, I wanted to hear all the juicy gossip!

Thanks for the comment by the way :D

Evol Kween said...

I haven't forgotten about your meme, I'll get to it this weekend!

richardwatts said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person to have found Everett's biography dull - but thank your lucky stars you didn't have to interview him after finishing it!