Friday, October 12, 2007

Watch out boy, he’ll chew you up

Nowadays no one can be too sure about who they are in a relationship with. It’s a sad fact, but something we are all too well aware of, especially after seeing celebrity break ups being shoved down our throats. A prime example is Heather Mills, a seemingly sweet and loveable woman who is fast turning out to be a bitchy gold digger as she prepares to secure a sizeable chunk of Paul McCartney’s fortune.

And queers aren’t safe either, Melburnians will recall the recent story about two queers who have been battling it out in court over art work they shared in their home.

I’d previously written about Sugar Daddies but didn’t think about the potential consequences of a break up gone awry. Now, after witnessing the recent events of a Sugar Daddy I know, my perception has changed completely. I guess initially I had been glazed over by the materialistic benefits. I should know better!

After setting a cunningly creative trap, the apparent Sugar Daddy unleashed the Bunny Boiler within his younger lover. The lover had been caught in the bright shining headlights of the trap and once caught out has been desperately trying to claw his way back into the relationship, determined to make everything better.

The young lover knew he’d done wrong by liaising with another man so far as starting an affair with him, without thinking about his relationship with the Sugar Daddy. And so began the pleas and desperate measures in the shape of constant text messages, emails, faxes, late night phone calls, letters and who knows what else. The barrage of pleading and begging became never ending.

The young lover knew his world of fine dining, expensive jewellery, paid international vacations, paid rent, gifts and hot sex was evaporating quicker than rain on a 38ºC day. He was used to a life of luxury and his glamorous life was fading faster than he could attempt to clasp it back. As a gold digger, he was trying anything and everything he could to get back into Sugar Daddy’s wallet.

So Sugar Daddy learnt his lesson. Or has he? I can’t be too sure whether he has or not. But it’s a clear sign that such relationships don’t always work. There is always a hidden agenda.

Sure, there may be real relationships where there is a respect and love that goes beyond the money that one partner has, but it’s always better for the Sugar Daddy to approach such pretty young materialistic things with extreme caution. That’s if they can stop themselves from chasing some tail…


Gabriel said...

being a sugar daddy is pretty much like paying for sex with a prostitute. you don't expect loyalty and you want satisfaction on demand. i guess there's no lessons to be learnt then. sigh....

Evol Kween said...

I love that episode of Will and race where Will hooks up with a Sugar Daddy - the Chanel Ski Boots!